I’ve been working with Mitch for the past couple of seasons whilst in London. One of the main focus’s during this period was to increase my lean muscle tissue and improve my explosive output power. Right from the get go Mitch took control of my nutrition and exercise programming leading to great results. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a professional results based personal trainer.
— Matt Macey, Arsenal F.C

Primarily working towards the goal to drop body fat for my holiday post university, Mitch helped me get into the best shape of my life. I had never managed to reach such a low level of body fat, so I was chuffed with the results. Upon returning from holiday Mitch adjusted workouts to accommodate my interest in olympic lifting techniques which was brilliant.
— C Rubin, Professional

If you want challenging and varied routines that perfectly match your level of fitness and align to your goals, then you won’t be disappointed with Mitch. I’ve used trainers before, but never really found someone who established an immediate rapport, and took me to a new level of achievement, as quickly as he has. He really knows his subject, and his workouts are tough, good fun and worthwhile.
— Clive, London, Company Director

Mitch is an extremely professional and results driven personal trainer. I have a short attention span, I’m naturally lazy and moan a lot which make me a difficult client. Mitch seems to take all of this in his stride and works very hard to deliver a structured effective session allowing me to achieve more than I could of ever imagined. Training with him is enormous fun and I am never bored. I adore the results. Highly recommend.
— Iona J Levine, Barrister

Training has never been this much fun! Mitch helps me achieve my goals through his immense knowledge of exercise and nutrition. The bespoke programming is constantly updated and tailored to my needs. There is simply no way I would be able to maintain these levels without his motivation. Above all else what really sets Mitch apart from other trainers is how he makes training enjoyable.
— Vivek Sharma, CEO

As an owner of my own business, I like to deal with professional like minded individuals. I found this with Mitch, I only train for short intense periods whilst in London as I travel lots and live elsewhere. I choose Mitch’s services because he is flexible and accommodating but also pushed me hard which is exactly what I want from my trainers.
— GLC, Import business owner

Mitch embodies change, through his consistently positive attitude and encouragement he has maintained my interest and physical development. This coupled with his excellent nutrition guidance has helped change my energy levels and the way I feel about training, which in turn has benefited me physically and mentally. I have trained on and off for years and I can clearly state that Mitch has been a worthy investment and is an integral part of how I live my life. I would thoroughly recommend the service.
— Micheal Knight, Architect

Working with Mitch has been a pleasure. I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t happy with the way I felt and looked. Mitch helped completely transform my physique and i’m happier than ever.
— CL, Financial director

Mitch is a great personal trainer. Friendly and effective, I would highly recommend him to anybody.
— HL, Child health professional & Author